Pickard Trademarks

Compiled by Alan Reed

Compiled by Alan Reed
from The Collector's Encyclopedia of Pickard China

Mark 1 Mark 1. 1894-1897
13/32" dia. red paper label used in Edgerton, Wisconsin in 1894, and in Chicago in 1895-1897. Extremely rare.
Mark 1.1 Mark 1.1. c.1898-c.1903
7/16" dia. dark brown stamp. Possibly an "out-of-stock" expedient or the original Chicago startup mark. Very rare.
Mark 2 Mark 2. 1898-1903
5/8" dia. maroon to pale brown decal. Used at LaSalle Street studio.
Mark 3 Mark 3. 1903
9/16" dia. red stamp. An interim mark during the expansion into the carriage barn studio. Infrequently found.
Mark 4 Mark 4. 1903-1905
9/16" dia. light brown to very dark reddish brown decal. Used at the carriage barn studio.
Mark 5 Mark 5. 1905-1910
13/32" dia. brown decal. The first mark used at the Ravenswood studio.
Mark 6 Mark 6. 1910-1912
13/32" dia. red decal over gold square. Also used without gold square when underside of piece is all gold or platinum or when no blank mark is present. Do not confuse with Mark 5.
Mark 7 Mark 7. 1912-c.1918
13/32" dia. red (early) or black (later) decal over gold maple leaf. Covers blank mark (early) or beside blank mark (later). Other dias.: 1/4", 21/64", 3/8" and 25/64".
Mark 8 Mark 8. c.1918-1919
25/64" dia. black decal only. Do not confuse with Mark 5.
Mark 8.1 Mark 8.1. c.1918-c.1919
11/16" wide black decal used on a small number of pieces at end of World War I. Infrequently found.
Mark 9 Mark 9. 1919-1922
11/16" wide black decal, also hand stamp. Used on both etched and non-etched china.
Mark 10 Mark 10. 1912-1922, 1922-1925
19/32" dia. etched gold coin. Used 1912-1922 for etched dinnerware, 1922-1925 for all china.
Mark 11 Mark 11. 1925-1930
Etched gold or platinum coat of arms. The first registered trademark of Pickard Studios, Inc. First used September 1, 1925.
Mark 12 Mark 12. 1925-1930
Small etched gold or platinum escutcheon used on smaller items.
Mark 13 Mark 13. 1928-1938
Green or gold stamp. Registered July 24, 1947, first used in late 1928. Used only on seconds.
Mark 14 Mark 14. 1930-1938
Gold stamp.
Mark 14.1 Mark 14.1. 1930-1938
X-painted trademarks were a means of identifying factory-vended seconds.
Mark 15 Mark 15. 1930-1938
Small gold decal escutcheon used on salts and other small pieces.
Mark 16 Mark 16. 1931-c. 1938, blue stamp. First used on December 15, 1931, it was applied to stock decal items. Mark 17 Mark 17. 1933-1934
Gold stamp used on Chicago's Century of Progress World's Fair souvenir plates.
Mark 18 Mark 18. 1938-present
Gold stamp, first used in 1938. A registered trademark of Pickard, Inc.
Mark 18.1 Mark 18.1. 1938-present
Scored trademarks were a means of identifying factory-vended seconds.
Mark 19 Mark 19. 1938-c.1949
Edgerton gold stamp. Same as mark 13, but indicating U.S.A. manufacture. Revived in the 1960's for factory sales.
Mark 20 Mark 20. 1916 or 1917
1/4" h. Hand painted in gold. Used in hand-painted glass only.
Mark 21 Mark 21. 1917-1918
13/32" dia. Clear etch into glass. Used on etched glass only.
Mark 22 Mark 22. 1938 to present
Current pattern trademark including name of pattern.
Mark 23 Mark 23. 1994 to present
Flag trademark used on dinner and service plates along with regular Pickard trademark identifying the pattern.
Mark 24 Mark 24. 1994 to present
Pickard trademark superimposed on top of the American flag used on giftware and specialty items.

Compiled by Alan Reed
from The Collector's Encyclopedia of Pickard China

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