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Apr 28, 2015
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We're happy to see this write-up in HFN magazine about Pickard new china for the White House:

Pickard Produces New White House Dinnerware

HFN magazine / Posted on April 28, 2015 by Allison Zisko

WASHINGTON-When the president and first lady sit down to dine at the Japan State Dinner tonight, they will be eating off new White House dinnerware designed by Pickard China.
The Obama State China Service is a simple banded pattern whose blue-green rim color, Kailua, was inspired by the waters of Hawaii, President Barack Obama’s native state. The gold-edged, Kailua rimmed pieces are featured on all of the pieces of the 11-piece set except for the dinner plates, which are white and rimmed in gold with the presidential seal in the center.

“It was an incredible honor to be selected as the manufacturing resource for the Obama White House china service,” said Andrew Morgan, president of Pickard China. “Every piece of Pickard china is made with great skill and pride but producing china for the White House was certainly something that was very special for everyone working at the company.”

Two of the 11 items in the Obama White House china service, the dinner plate and individual soup tureen, were unique relief shapes that had to be designed from scratch, Morgan said, and it took Pickard more than a year and countless trial pieces to get the individual tureen bowl completed.

“It was really incredible to see the employees tasked [with] developing this item coming in early to work time and again because they could not wait to see the latest trail piece coming off one of our kilns. The pride and dedication given by everyone at Pickard to produce this china service will always be a very special memory in the storied 122-year history of Pickard China.”

Read the full article:
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